A prospective study of outcome and monitoring of patients with perforation peritonits by using APACHE 2 score

R. S. Gupta, Santosh Roshan, Vishnukant Pandey, Surendra Shrivastava


Background: Perforation peritonitis is very common surgical emergency and despite newer and advanced technology as a monitoring system APACHE 2 score have a good predictive power to predict outcome and monitoring in such patient

Methods: This is a prospective study by which APACHE 2 score was applied over the patient before the surgery and after the surgery at first post operative day and score was calculated in selected preformed and result was concluded

Results: The outcome of the Patients largely depends on age, perforation size, duration of presentation, and duration of hospitalization all these are well correlated with APCHE 2 score to predict outcome and monitoring.

Conclusions: The accuracy of APACHE 2 score to predict the outcome in perforation peritonitis increases when the result of score was combined which was applied two time prior to surgery and after the surgery.


Perforation peritonitis, Outcome, APACHE 2 score, Surgical emergency

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