Chronic pancreatitis: diagnosis and management options in Indian subcontinent

Dipesh Goel, Verinderjit Singh Virdi, Money Gupta, Sandesh Deolekar


Background: Chronic pancreatitis is a heterogeneous disease. More research efforts are needed to clarify further whether individuals with chronic pain due to pancreatitis report a poor quality of life that necessitates intervention services. In this study, we sought to ascertain the clinical profile of subjects with chronic pancreatitis in India, especially with regard to risk factors, clinical features and therapeutic modalities.

Methods: 50 patients of chronic pancreatitis were studied, both prospectively and retrospective. Investigations and interventions details were noted. Questionnaire for pain scoring was prepared. Persistent pain or recurrent episodes of acute pain interfering with normal lifestyle were the criteria for intervention.

Results: The most common symptom of chronic pancreatitis is long-standing pain in the middle of the abdomen. 25 patients underwent intervention in view of severe pain. In our study improvement in endocrine function after intervention was observed in 27% of patients and improvement in exocrine function was seen in 60% patients after intervention at 2 yearly follow up.

Conclusions: Surgical method and ERCP guided intervention gives superior results as compared to conservative method in management of chronic pancreatitis.


Chronic pancreatitis, Endocrine function, Endoscopic sphincterotomy, ERCP

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