Organoaxial gastric volvulus with diaphragmatic eventration and wandering spleen: an unusual association


  • Hemant Kumar Nautiyal Department of Surgery, SRH University, Jollygrant, Dehradun, India
  • Priyank Pathak Department of Surgery, SRH University, Jollygrant, Dehradun, India
  • Jitendra Prasad Ray Department of Surgery, SRH University, Jollygrant, Dehradun, India
  • Shailendra Raghuvanshi Department of Radiology, SRH University, Jollygrant, Dehradun, India



Gastric volvulus, Organo-axial, Wandering spleen, Diaphragmatic eventration


Organoaxial gastric volvulus occurs when the stomach rotates around a transverse line between the pylorus and gastroesophegeal junction. It is potentially life threatening because delayed diagnosis and treatment may result in perforation, infarction and gangrene of stomach. As it is a rare entity high index of suspicion is required to prevent high morbidity and mortality. Primary Gastric volvulus has been seen in association with congenital asplenia or "wandering spleen" or with diaphragmatic hernia or diaphragmatic eventration. We report a case of 17 year female (perhaps the first in literature) who had wandering spleen, diaphragmatic eventration and gastric volvulus a congenital anomaly rare to find and a brief review of literature.


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