A successful delivery of giant bladder stone by obstetric forceps: a case report

Siti Fairus Che Ismail, Jamil Abdullah, Mohd Fadliyazid Ab Rahim, Mohammad Irsyadiee B. Mohd Saiful, Roziana Ramli


Giant bladder stone is a rare phenomenon. Surgical treatment which involves open vesicolithotomy and delivery of the bladder stone is usually straightforward. Herein, we report a 69-year-old gentleman with a neglected giant bladder stone complicated by obstructive uropathy and acute renal failure. After medical condition was stabilized, he underwent open vesicolithotomy. At surgery, delivery of the giant bladder stone was difficult both manually and with stone forceps. The stone was later delivered successfully by Wrigley’s obstetrics forceps. We report this case to highlight the rare cause of acute renal failure and the use of obstetrics forceps in the management of giant bladder stones.


Giant bladder stone, Obstetrics forceps, Vesicolithotomy

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