Inferior pedicle with inverted-T procedure for bilateral reduction mammoplasty provided satisfactory surgical and aesthetic outcome


  • Waseem A. Shod Department of General Surgery, Mansoura Military Hospital, Mansoura, Egypt



Macromastia, Reduction mammoplasty, Aesthetic outcome, Quality of life


Background: The objective of the study was to evaluate surgical and aesthetic outcomes of bilateral reduction mammoplasty (RM) through the inferior pedicle with inverted-T approach (PO).

Methods: 23 women with bilateral symptomatizing macromastia underwent preoperative breast measurements, calculation of breast volume (BV), determination of quality of life (QoL) and self-esteem scorings using the breast reduction assessed severity scale (BRASS) and the Rosenberg self-esteem scale (RSES). RM was performed and intraoperative and PO data were collected. At 3-m PO, aesthetic outcome was evaluated using the ABNSW score, which assesses breasts asymmetry and shape, nipple deformation, skin condition and wound scar, and QoL outcome and overall satisfaction were determined.

Results: Mean operative time was 240.4±39.7 min and mean weight of excised breast tissue was 2778.3±307.7 gm. Minor PO complications were managed conservatively and no patient required revision surgery. PO breast measurements were significantly improved with decreased BV and increased breast projection. Median ABNSW score was 10 and PO median BRASS and RSES scores were 9 and 17 with significant change in comparison to preoperative data. Preoperative BRASS score was negatively correlated age and body mass index, while RSES score was positively correlated with age. Nine women were highly satisfied by aesthetic outcome, 10 women were satisfied and 16 women were highly satisfied with overall outcome.

Conclusions: RM significantly improved women QoL, aesthetic appearance and psychological status. Inferior pedicle with inverted T-mammoplasty is a safe, and applicable pattern of mammoplasty, allow significant reduction of BV with improved breast measurements and projection and provide satisfactory aesthetic outcome.


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