Extraappendiceal goblet cell carcinoid of the transverse colon


  • Madison Bowles Department of General Surgery, Gold Coast University Hospital, Queensland, Australia




Goblet cell carcinoid, Goblet cell adenocarcinoma, Extraappendiceal, Mucinous carcinoid, Transverse colon


Goblet cell carcinoids (GCC) are a rare subgroup of neuroendocrine tumours which exhibit mixed endocrine and exocrine features and are almost exclusively localised to the appendix. A few cases of extraappendiceal GCC have been reported in the literature however these are exceedingly rare. They are biologically aggressive tumours that are believed to arise from pluripotent intestinal epithelial crypt base stem cells. Given their rarity, no guidelines currently exist for the management of extraappendiceal GCC, however treatment for GCC’s is generally based on their tumour stage in line with staging for typical adenocarcinomas. This case gives an account of a colonic goblet cell carcinoid within the transverse colon encountered in a 66-year-old male. A literature search did not identify any previous documented cases of a GCC at this location.  


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