Sepsis induced sequential organ failure assessment score as a prognostic marker in surgical sepsis: a study of 30 cases in 02 years

Tushar Nagyan, Mriganko S. Ray, Priyanshu M. Varshney, Sarvpreet S. Malhi, Naresh A. Modi, Digpal H. Thakore, Sandhya Gupta


Background: For the last few decades critical care medicine has been reinventing and fine-tuning organ dysfunction grading to establish a survival scoring system to accurately predict survivality and organ salvageability of critically ill patient in intensive care unit (ICU). The sequential organ failure assessment (SOFA) score assesses the performance of several organ systems in the body and assigns a score, where higher the SOFA score, higher the likelihood of mortality and morbidity. Early prediction of outcome in surgical sepsis is very likely to aid suitable modification of management strategies 13. This may improve prognosis in such patients and prevent mortality to some extent.  

Methods: Observational and prospective study of 30 cases, aged>18 years & patients admitted to post-operative ward and surgical intensive care unit (SICU) with suspected surgical infection, and with two or more criteria of SIRS.

Results: In this study out of total 30 patients 63.3% patients survived and 36.6% succumbed to their illness. Our study depicted significant increase in mortality rate when the SOFA score was above 12. Ventilated patient showed a higher mortality rate. Delta, mean, total SOFA Score were statistically significant in our study.

Conclusions: SOFA score is useful in predicting mortality and morbidity in critically ill patients, because has a strong correlation between a rise in the score and mortality in all stages of admission. In our study, out of 09 patients whose T0 SOFA score was very high (above 12) out of which 03 patients only survived.


Sepsis, SOFA score, Surgical intensive care unit, Postoperative, SIRS

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