Impact on fetal outcome following burns in pregnancy

Harsh Rajeev Mehta, Pravinkumar P. Wasadikar


Background: The incidence of female burn patients of reproductive age varies from 0.6%-15% in different series with highest incidence reported from India.Foetus is at high risk due to burns injury, which is often associated with a high rate of fetal mortality.

Methods: All cases of burns injury encountered during pregnancy admitted at our tertiary care hospital were included in this study over a span of two years from 2017 to 2019. A total of 20 cases were included in the study. Patients with burns injury from 5 to 100% body surface area were included in this study.

Results: Fetal deaths occurred in 11 out of the total 20 cases amounting to 55% overall fetal mortality.

Conclusions: Burns during pregnancy requires adequate resuscitation especially in initial stages. There is 100% fetal death outcome for burns greater than 50% body surface area.


Burns, Fetal, Maternal, TBSA, Mortality

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