Published: 2021-02-25

Video assisted surgery: a unique approach for non-resolving retroperitoneal abscess

Prashant Kumar, Sanjay Chaurey, Rudra P. Mishra, Irfan F. Kar, Aditya Gupta


Abdominal gunshot injuries and its management has always been challenging for surgeons. Challenges start from diagnosis and extent of injury and its immediate management and further its long term complications and their management. Injuries extending up to retroperitoneal space complicated by abscess formation are difficult to manage because the retroperitoneal space is relatively inaccessible leading to very poor outcome, and a tailor made approach is the best method of treatment for an individual patient. Current study report a rare case of video assisted approach for non-resolving retro-peritoneal abscess caused by abdominal gunshot injury with previous laparotomy and unilateral nephrectomy (left-side) with retro-peritoneal abscess along with sepsis, acute renal failure and hemopneumothorax.


Retroperitoneal abscess, Video assisted, Sepsis

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