Giant tubulovillous adenoma mimicking rectal adenocarcinoma: a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge

Ahmed Jawad, Hussain Adnan Abdulla, Asma Alqaseer, Mohamed Ayed Abushwemeh, Basel Alaradi


Tubulovillous adenomas are benign lesions, which are difficult to interpret because of their malignant potential. They have similar clinical, radiological and pathological features to malignant lesions. Usually, they are asymptomatic but may present with symptoms similar to adenocarcinomas. We present an unusual case of giant tubulovillous adenoma mimicking rectal cancer. The patient underwent neoadjuvant chemoradiation with no change in tumor size. He then underwent laparoscopic low anterior resection and final histopathology revealed giant tubulovillous adenoma.


Adenoma, Tubulovillous, Adenocarcinoma

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