Published: 2020-12-28

Cholesterolosis of the gall bladder: a surgical dilemma

Ketan Vagholkar, Shantanu Chandrashekhar, Shashwat Singh, Narender Narang, Anjali Bhadavankar


Cholesterolosis of the gall bladder or cholesterol polyps of the gall bladder have always been a contentious issue with respect to the role of prophylactic surgery in view of its asymptomatic state. Symptomatic cholesterol polyps behave similar to gall stones. There is therefore a need for a surgical algorithm to manage these lesions. A case of symptomatic cholesterol polyps of the gall bladder is reported to highlight the clinical presentation, imaging modalities and management strategies. Symptomatic cholesterol polyps of the gall bladder necessitate cholecystectomy. However, surgical intervention for asymptomatic polyps is guided by their size. Increased diameter is highly suspicious of a malignant potential requiring pre-operative staging and radical surgery.


Gall bladder, Polyps, Cholesterolosis, Treatment

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