Haemorrhoidectomy - stapler versus conventional (open): our experience


  • Anant Kumar Rakhonde Department of Surgery, CMCH, Bhopal, MP
  • Roshan Chanchlani Department of Surgery, CMCH, Bhopal, MP
  • Vinod Narkhede Department of Community Medicine, CMCH, Bhopal, MP




Open haemorrhoidectomy, Stapler haemorrhoidectomy, Longo’s technique


Background:Haemorrhoids is a common disease affecting humans. Surgical treatment of haemorrhoids includes by using stapler and conventional or open method. Both the methods have its own advantages and disadvantages. This study is done to evaluate the efficacy of both the procedures in our settings. Objective of the study was to study the efficacy of two surgical methods of treatment of hemorrhoids, in terms of (1) operation time; (2) post-operative pain; (3) hospital stay; (4) return to normal activity and return to work; (5) complications; (6) recurrence; (7) patient satisfaction.

Methods: A comparative study was done between open and stapling methods for the treatment of symptomatic hemorrhoids in CMCH, Bhopal, India over a period from November 2011 to December 2014.

Results:There was major statistically significant difference was seen among different parameters between these two procedures of haemorrhoidectomy, open versus stapler procedure for prolapsing hemorrhoids (PPH).

Conclusions:In present study there is definite difference noted between two surgical methods as evident from table 1- 10 as evident from p-value. As far as satisfaction of patient is considered in both the groups satisfaction is similar except for the cost of device which added for the most cause of dissatisfaction.






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