Pattern of hand injuries: a two year review of cases in S. Nijalingappa Medical College and HSK Hospital, Bagalkot

Mahantesh Math, Suhas D. S.


Background: Hand injuries are common, leading to loss of function with attendant psychological consequences. The pattern of the injuries varies from place to place, responsible for a significant hospital emergency visit and most of which are seen by non-hand specialists. It is pertinent that those who may come across the patients understand this pattern.

Methods: A retrospective review of records of patients presenting with hand injuries to the plastic surgery department over a two year period was carried out highlighting the pattern of the injury.

Results: A total of 95 patients predominantly males sustained hand injuries. Most of the patients were in their 20s. Road traffic injury been the commonest cause of injury followed by machines with high incidence of injury of the Right hand which was 53.6%. Soft tissue injuries occurred in 79% of cases, bony injuries occur 14% of cases and tendon injuries in 7% cases.

Conclusions: Understanding the pattern of injury can impart positively on the management of hand injuries and for its preventive measures of safe road and education of the people on the use of tools and machines in our environment.


Hand, Injuries, Pattern

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