The effect on glycemic status in type 2 diabetes mellitus after gastric cancer surgery

Lakshmi Radhakrishnan, T. V. Haridas


Background: Gastric cancer is a leading cause of cancer death worldwide. With progress in the field of gastric cancer treatment, as indicated by the improved survival rate, postoperative quality of life as well as the appropriate surgical treatment for a cure has become very important. Recently, metabolic surgery has become an appealing treatment option for patients with type 2 DM. Although the purpose of metabolic surgery and gastric cancer surgery is completely different, they are related clinically and technically. Thus organized evaluation of the impact of gastric cancer surgery on diabetes is necessary.

Methods: 30 patients with gastric cancer and type 2 DM who underwent curative gastrectomy were selected. Patients were followed up till 12 months, the study population grouped depending upon the glycemic status and results compared using chi square test.

Results: Three out of 30 patients had complete remission of diabetes at 12 months, 17 patients improved and 10 patients remained stationary. Short duration (<5 years) had a median reduction in insulin by 8.9 units versus 2.5 units in long duration (>10 years) diabetes. Maximum reduction (>10 U/day) and remission occurred in those who underwent total gastrectomy. The results were compared using chi square test and the p value was 0.048428 (<0.05) proving significant.

Conclusions: The glycemic status was found to improve following gastric cancer surgery which was found to be related to the extent of gastrectomy and the diabetes duration and was found to be statistically significant.


Gastrectomy, Gastric cancer, Type 2 diabetes mellitus

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