Published: 2020-11-27

Laparoscopic correction of midgut volvulus due to malrotation in a patient with Marfans syndrome

Saurabh Sharma, Radha Govind Khandelwal, Prabha Om


This case describes 13-year-old female with Marfans syndrome who presented recurrent small intestinal obstruction which was later diagnosed as acute midgut volvulus due to malrotation after extensive workup. Laparoscopic Ladd’s procedure was performed. Patient had uneventful recovery and discharged on post-operative day five. To best of our knowledge the index case is the first case of laparoscopic ladds procedure in known case of Marfans syndrome.


Marfans syndrome, Laparoscopic Ladd’s procedure, Intestinal malrotation, Midgut volvulus

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