A clinicopathological evaluation of solitary nodule in thyroid; a retrospective observational hospital based study


  • Y. Ananta Lakshmi Department of General Surgery, Konaseema Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Foundation, Amalapuram, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • K. V. Narasimha Reddy Department of General Surgery, Konaseema Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Foundation, Amalapuram, Andhra Pradesh, India




Clinicopathological, Malignancy, Solitary nodule in thyroid


Background: The solitary node in thyroid is a palpably discrete swelling within an apparently normal thyroid gland. It is usually a benign lesion but from clinical standpoint the possibility of neoplastic disease is of major concern for surgeon and patient. AS there is variability in the conclusion of various authors and there is no work about clinicopathology of solitary nodules of thyroid in our region. Present study has been designed to evaluate the epidemiology, fine needle aspiration cytology and incidence of malignancy in solitary nodule.

Methods: As per exclusion and inclusion criteria 80 patients with solitary nodule of thyroid were included in this study. Various data like age, sex, family history, duration of nodule, site and size of nodule were recorded. Thyroid function test, fine needle aspiration cytology and ultrasonographic finding were recorded from case record.

Results: Out of all histopathological finding of nodules follicular adenoma was most common followed by multinodular goitre (25%) and Adenomatous goitre (7.5%). Carcinoma was present in (17.5 %) and thyroiditis is 7.5% patients.

Conclusions: Most of the patients were Euthyroid and benign condition was more common than malignancy. Follicular adenoma was most common among benign lesion and papillary carcinoma was more common neoplasm. Most of the patients required hemithyroidectomy.


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