Published: 2021-01-29

Accuracy of mammography and sonomammography and its correlation with histopathology in the detection of breast cancer

Soundarya Yamakanamardi, Bharati V. Hiremath


Background: Mammography (MMG) plays a pivotal role in the early diagnosis of breast cancer (BC). However, it is sometimes difficult to use it to diagnose palpable breast lesions among young patients. Ultrasound can be used as an adjunct in differentiating cystic and solid masses. Studies evaluating the combination of MMG and sonomammography (SMG) as an adjunct to detect Breast cancer, are quite scarce in the literature. This study aimed to assess the accuracy of MMG and to comprehend the role of ultrasound as an adjunct to MMG for finding breast lesions.

Methods: Women attending the outpatient department (OPD) with complaints of breast lump, or those undergoing MMG screening were included. All patients then subsequently underwent MMG, SMG and biopsy. MMG and SMG findings were then correlated with the histopathology results.

Results: Irregular shape and calcifications (MMG) and hypoechoic pattern (SMG) were found to be significant features differentiating malignant from benign lesions. Calcifications in benign tumors were observed 5.05 times less frequently than in malignant tumors. MMG combined with SMG had a sensitivity of 90.4%, specificity of 82.4%, positive and negative predictive value of 95% and 67% respectively, along with an accuracy of 88.9% in differentiating benign from malignant masses.

Conclusions: SMG used as an adjunct to MMG is a reliable modality, especially in detecting lesions that are not picked up on MMG, including intraductal papilloma and duct ectasia.


Diagnostic imaging, Ultrasonography, Pathology, Breast neoplasms

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