Published: 2020-11-27

Acute appendicitis in mobile ceacum: a diagnostic dilemma: a case report

Naren Karthik K. C., Dhinesh Kumar N., Boopathi Subbarayan, Tirou Aroul T.


Acute appendicitis is usually diagnosed on the basis of clinical history, physical examination and results of laboratory tests. The position of the appendix can vary considerably, both in relation to the caecum and because of the inconsistent position of the caecum itself. Acute appendicitis in a mobile caecum can pose a diagnostic dilemma which can lead to delay in appropriate treatment. In this case report, we present a 21 year old male with acute appendicitis and surgically proven to be acute appendicitis in a mobile caecum.


Acute appendicitis, Mobile caecum, Atypical, Diagnostic dilemma

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