Mesothelial cyst in inguinal hernial sac in a male child: a case report

Baikuntha Narayan Mishra, Sadasiba Padhy, Prabin Prakash Pahi, Ranjit Kumar Joshi


Mesothelial cysts of inguinal area are extremely rare and few cases have been reported in females, arising from round ligament of uterus. Inguinal hernias are a common surgical problem in children presenting as an inguinal or inguino scrotal swelling. Usually the contents of hernial sac in a male child are intestine or omentum and in femalesĀ  it may contain ovary. Mesothelial cyst of round ligament may present as an inguinal mass in females, but it is very rare to find in side inguinal hernial sac of a male child. Here in we report a case of 2 year 9-month-old male child, who was operated for irreducible right congenital inguinal hernia. A pedunculated cystic mass was found to be the content and was removed. Histopathology confirmed the diagnosis of mesothelial cyst. Because of rarity, we report this case.


Mesothelial cyst, Inguinal mass, Irreducible hernia

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