Published: 2020-12-28

Space occupying lesions of liver- clinical presentation, investigations and management: a longitudinal study

Rajiv Sonarkar, Giriraj Gajendra, T. R. V. Wilkinson, Shreyas Sonawane


Background: Liver is a common site for space occupying lesions. The objective of this study was to determine the aetiologies of space occupying lesion of liver and their clinical presentation and correlate imaging; to evaluate the treatment modalities of space occupying lesion of liver and their outcome.

Methods: A 2-year tertiary care teaching hospital based longitudinal study with 63 patients was done. Selection criteria was defined and a prestructured proforma was made to assess and note the findings.

Results: The mean age of occurrence of space occupying lesions of liver was 47.19±14.53 years. Space occupying lesions of liver was commonly observed in 5th decade of life. Males were affected more than females. Metastatic lesion of liver were the most common cause of liver SOL (34.9%) followed by liver abscesses.

Conclusions: Majority of space occupying lesions are metastatic lesion followed by liver abscesses. Majority of space occupying lesions were surgically managed.


Benign liver lesions, Liver abscess, Liver imaging, Malignant liver lesions, Space occupying lesion

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