Multiloculated peritoneal inclusion cyst: a case report


  • Sunita Prakash Jain Department of Surgery, District hospital, Chickaballapura, Karnataka, India
  • Arun C. M. Department of Surgery, District hospital, Chickaballapura, Karnataka, India
  • Doreswamy K. Department of Urology, District hospital, Chickaballapura, Karnataka, India
  • Amasa Vishwanath Reddy Department of Medicine, District hospital, Chickaballapura, Karnataka, India



Multiloculated peritoneal inclusion cyst, Recurrence, Surgery, Management


Multiloculated peritoneal inclusion cysts (MPIC) are uncommon abdominopelvic cysts seen in perimenopausal women. We describe a perimenopausal woman presenting with pelvic mass. This patient presented to us with all signs and symptoms involving abdomen and the pelvis. On emergency laparotomy, it was seen that multioculated cyst occupied the whole of abdomen arising from the peritoneum. The condition was successfully treated with surgery. Histopathological examination (HPE) report proved it to be multi loculated peritoneal inclusion cyst. This case is presented for its rarity in itself, presenting as intestinal obstruction, in a healthy female, that too without previous history of any surgery.


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