Monopolar trans-urethral resection of prostate: our initial experience in a new African hospital with few resources

Usman Mohammed Tela, Abdu Mohammed Lawan, Babatunde David Olajide


Background: Diseases of the prostate including benign prostate hyperplasia constitute a significant portion of cases that are routinely managed by urologists worldwide. Where there is need for surgical intervention of clinical BPH, monopolar trans-urethral resection of prostate is a gold standard surgical option. The objective of our study is to describe and share our initial experience of monopolar TURP in our new African hospital with few resources, a stepping stone for future comprehensive research on TURP and urology capacity building.

Methods: Retrospective study of twelve patients who had M-TURP using sterile distilled water as irrigation fluid over one year period, at Yobe State University teaching hospital, a new hospital in North-Eastern Nigeria. Data related to the TURP were extracted from the patients’ folders and operation theatre register, and then analyzed.

Results: The mean age of patients was 67.4 years, recurrent urine retention was the commonest indication for M-TURP (50.0%), preoperative mean volume of prostate was 45.8 ml , mean duration of surgery was 63.8 minutes and mean weight resected prostatic chips was 18.4 grams. There was low complication rate (16.7%).

Conclusions: M-TURP using sterile water as irrigation fluid is efficacious, reliable and pocket-friendly surgical option for our patients that needed surgery for clinical BPH. Patient selection and minimizing the time spent on M-TURP are of paramount importance in avoiding or reducing the risk of complications as observed in our study.



Monopolar trans-urethral resection of prostate, Sterile water, BPH, TURP

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