Published: 2020-10-23

Expanded full thickness skin graft to repair scar and scar contractures: a descriptive case series

Nitin V. Ghag, Aditya Aggarwal, Hardeep Singh, Sukhdeep Singh, Sanjay Mahendru, Vimalendu Brajesh, Rakesh Khazanchi, Umang Kothari


Management of deep burns/trauma scars has always been a challenge. Seven patients with burn/trauma scar were treated with expanded full thickness grafts (EFTSGs). In stage one, tissue expanders were implanted at the donor sites and expansion with saline was done as an out-patient for 4-5 months. In stage two, the scar was excised and secondary wound was repaired with EFTSGs. Total of 8 EFTSGs were harvested from various donor sites. After stage one there was good blood supply noted in all the expanded skin flaps. After stage two, EFTSGs survived in all; except for partial skin necrosis in the leg of one patient. The graft take were excellent in color-match, texture and elasticity. There was a significant improvement in function and aesthetic aspect in all the cases. EFTSGs is an effective solution to repair effectively scar and scar contractures due to excellent cosmetic and functional recovery.


Expanded full thickness skin graft, Donor, Tissue expanders

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