Varied uses of bone allograft in plastic and reconstructive surgery


  • Vikas Singh Department of Plastic Surgery, Army Hospital Research and Referral, Delhi, India
  • Shivam Dang Department of Plastic Surgery, Army Hospital Research and Referral, Delhi, India



Bone allograft, Bone autograft, Freeze dried


The availability of safe, clinically useful and cost effective bone allografts have resulted in changes in surgical treatment with a concomitant increase in demand for bone allografts grafts for the purpose of reconstruction in plastic surgery. They offer an attractive alternative to bone autograft because their supply is less limited, they allow structural restoration of the skeleton, and their surfaces support bone formation. We report a case series of 13 patients where freeze dried bone allografts were used for reconstruction. All grafts met standards recommended by the Bone Banks and the FDA. Objective evaluation of the persistence of graft volume was obtained by radiography, whereas subjective estimation of graft volume was obtained by patient response on regular follow up upto a period of one year. Bone allografts can be used in any kind of surgery involving bone from minor defects to major bone loss after tumour resection. Freeze-dried allograft bone is a safe and equal alternative for bone autograft without donor-site morbidity.

Author Biographies

Vikas Singh, Department of Plastic Surgery, Army Hospital Research and Referral, Delhi, India

Associate Professor
Department of Plastic Surgery ,
Army Hospital
Research and Referral

Shivam Dang, Department of Plastic Surgery, Army Hospital Research and Referral, Delhi, India


Plastic surgery  


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