Pronator quadratus pedicled bone graft for scaphoid non-unions


  • Harsha Vardhan Department of Plastic Surgery, King George’s Medical University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Anto Francis Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Sushrutha Institute of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Elite Mission Hospital, Thrissur, Kerala, India



Scaphoid, Non-unions, Pedicled pronator quadratus, Vascularised bone graft


Scaphoid fractures frequently present with nonunion and proximal pole necrosis, the treatment of which is bone grafting. Pronator quadratus pedicled vascularized bone graft is an option especially in the setting of proximal pole necrosis. We describe our experience of managing such scaphoid non-unions using pronator quadratus pedicled vascularized bone graft. Six patients were managed using pronator quadratus pedicled vascularized bone graft following scaphoid fracture nonunion with proximal pole necrosis. All patients had good fracture healing and symptom resolution. Mild deficit in wrist extension was noted in all patients. Pronator quadratus pedicled vascularized bone graft is an attractive option for managing scaphoid nonunion. Lying adjacent to the fracture site, bone can be harvested and transferred without making any other incisions. This procedure introduces another source of blood supply to the fracture site and hence improves fracture healing.


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