Mucinous carcinoma in young female mimicking as a phyllodes tumour-imaging and pathological correlation: a case report


  • Rajani Gorantla Department of Radiology, Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Bhawna Dev Department of Radiology, Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Leena Dennis Joseph Department of Pathology, Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Priya Masilamani Department of Radiology, Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Rupesh Mandava Department of Radiology, Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu



Breast cancer, Mucinous carcinoma, Phyllodes tumour


Mucinous carcinoma is a rare subtype of breast cancer characterised by abundant secretion of extracellular or intracellular mucin. In this article we highlight typical imaging findings of mucinous carcinoma and its histological subtypes mimicking phyllodes tumour.


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