Rare cause of foreign body in urinary bladder


  • Sunil Gokhroo Associate professor and HOD Urology, RNT Medical College, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India




Foreign body, Urinary bladder, Tinea cruris


Foreign body in urinary bladder is not an uncommon entity. Mostly it happens due to iatrogenic reasons or for sexual gratification. Here we are reporting a common foreign body in urinary bladder with a rare cause which is not reported in literature earlier. A 50-year-old married man referred from village with history of inserting electric wire in urethra and X-ray pelvis showing coiled metallic foreign body in the bladder region. There was dysuria, burning and sometimes hematuria. All other investigations were normal. On examination his both groins and perianal region were involved with Tinea cruris. Patient told that he had intense itching which was not benefitted by skin treatment. He himself started doing some manipulation in urethra with a piece of wire to get some relief in itching. The metallic wire was removed by cystoscopy under spinal anaesthesia and C-arm guidance. Post-operative course was uneventful, and patient was sent to dermatologist for treatment of Tinea cruris. After 1 month there were no urinary symptoms and patient had improvement in Tinea symptoms. We recommend that whenever anyone comes across a case of foreign body in urinary bladder, detailed history should be taken, and local examination should be done to find any organic cause for the same and treated to prevent recurrence and stigma to the patient.


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