Laparoscopic surgery by spontaneous rupture of the esophagus, a case report of treatment Boerhaave syndrome

Eduard A. Galliamov, Igor V. Semenyakin, Sergey A. Erin, Evgeniy A. Kytirev, Grigorii Y. Gololobov, Alexandr I. Burmistrov


Spontaneous rupture of the esophagus, Boerhaave syndrome, is a rare pathology and emergency condition for the patient. Patient, 63-year-old, on the 6th day of the disease falls into the clinic, where a Boerhaave syndrome was diagnosed. Laparoscopic surgery was performed. Sanitation and drainage of the mediastinum, suturing of the perforation hole were performed. After the operation, а positive response to treatment was observed. A group of authors believes that a minimally invasive approach to the treatment of spontaneous esophageal rupture is the alternative method for patients with severe somatic status and a small perforated opening of the esophagus.


Boerhaave syndrome, Laparoscopic fundoplication, Esophageal rupture

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