A rare cause of right iliac fossa lump: contained fish bone perforation of caecum

Washim F. Khan, Sandeep Jain, Yashwant S. Rathore, Sunil Chumber


Ingested foreign bodies usually pass uneventfully through the gastrointestinal tract but few of them can cause symptoms. They can get stuck at acute angulations or narrow part of intestine and can perforate leading to localized to generalized peritonitis, collection or abscess formation. We describe a case of 59 year old gentleman who presented with pain in right iliac fossa with fever and a hard, tender lump. Initial investigation revealed a mass in right iliac fossa adherent to anterior abdominal was in right iliac fossa region with a foreign body inside. Patient was managed with exploratory laparotomy, removal of a fish bone from cacecum and limited right hemicolectomy. Fishbone perforation of caecum is a rare entity. Careful corroboration between patient’s presentation and radiological findings with a high index of suspicion is needed for pre-operative diagnosis.


Caecal perforation, Fish bone, Right iliac fossa lump, Gastrointestinal foreign body

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