Outcome analysis of extraarticular distal humerus locking plate for fresh fractures of humerus shaft


  • Anand Saurabh Department of Orthopaedics, IMS BHU, Varanasi, U. P., India
  • Abhijeet Kunwar Department of Orthopaedics, IMS BHU, Varanasi, U. P., India
  • G. N. Khare Department of Orthopaedics, IMS BHU, Varanasi, U. P., India
  • Shubhashu Shekhar Department of Orthopaedics, IMS BHU, Varanasi, U. P., India
  • Anil Kumar Rai Department of Orthopaedics, IMS BHU, Varanasi, U. P., India
  • Vishal Verma Department of Orthopaedics, IMS BHU, Varanasi, U. P., India




Distal humerus fracture, Plate osteosynthesis, Extra-articular


Background: The complex anatomy of distal humerus with proximity of radial nerve make the exposure and fixation of these fractures difficult. The standard technique of plate osteosynthesis consider at least eight cortices hold in both distal and proximal ends. Obeying these principles becomes difficult in distal humerus fractures. These difficulties have been overcome with the use of anatomical extra-articular distal humerus plate which has more hole density in the distal part with 3.5 mm screws for greater hold in distal part.

Methods: A prospective study was carried out at Institute of Medical Sciences BHU Trauma Centre for 19 cases of distal third fracture excluding open fractures of patients between 18-68 years who attended our OPD or Emergency from June 2017 to July 2019. All patients were operated with the triceps-reflecting modified posterior approach. Regular follow-up was done to evaluate elbow functionality, fracture union, secondary displacement, non-union, implant failure and any complications; Mayo Elbow Performance score (MEPS) was used for the final functional assessment.

Results: Fourteen 73.6% male and 5 (26.3%) female patients with mean age 41 years constituted the study group, who had an average follow-up of 17.1 months. Preoperatively one patient had radial nerve palsy (neuropraxia) who recovered completely 3 months after surgery. Overall, 18 (94.7%) patients were adjudged to have complete radiological union within 14 weeks; Mean flexion achieved was 134±11.5 (range 90–140). Average MEPS at the latest follow-up was 94.7±7.5.

Conclusions: Extra-articular fractures of distal humerus can be satisfactorily treated with the use of single anatomically pre-contoured locking compression plate with excellent elbow functional range of motion and union rates.


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