Published: 2020-07-23

An unusual presentation of acute gastric volvulus in the elderly patient: a case report and literature review

Aditya Prasad Padhy, Inturi Pranay, Sarvesh Biradar


Gastric volvulus is nothing but the torsion of stomach in thoracic cavity by more than 1800 along its transverse or longitudinal axis. A very rare case occurring both in male and female. The term first described by Berti after doing an autopsy of a female, in 1886. We found a case of 65 years old male with history of dyspepsia since, 1 year with history of vomiting and pain abdomen since, 1 day. On evaluation, clinically gurgling sound heard on left side chest and with investigations like USG and CT whole abdomen, we came to know about mesentrico axial volvulus which is more common in children. Acute gastric volvulus cases have high mortality rate also requires emergency surgery. Gastric volvulus is very rare with variable and non-specific clinical presentations, hence high level of suspicion for radiologic diagnosis may require. Acute gastric volvulus is a potentially life-threatening occurrence with a good outcome when treated in a timely fashion. Chronic volvulus may be more difficult to recognize. Timely diagnosis with proper treatment can potentially decreases morbidity and mortality of the patient.


Unusual presentation, Gastric volvulus, Elderly patient, Borchardt’s triad, Gastric ischemia

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