Published: 2020-09-23

A rare presentation of midgut malrotation as an acute intestinal obstruction and perforation in an adult

Praveen Gnanadev, Rohit Krishnappa, Hariprasad Ramachandra Naidu Taluru, Gopal Subbaiah, Gautham Mungaravalli Vasantha, Dilip Kumar Sanjeevi Nagaraj, Geethu Damodaran


Midgut malrotation is a congenital anomaly seen usually in childhood. Its presentation as an acute intestinal obstruction is extremely rare in adults usually identified intra operatively. A high index of suspicion is always required when dealing with any case of acute intestinal obstruction. We report a case of young adult who presented with symptoms of acute intestinal obstruction and was diagnosed intra-operatively as cecal volvulus with impending perforation caused by midgut malrotation. Malrotation of the intestinal tract is seen due to aberrant embryology. The presentation of intestinal malrotation in adults is very rare. Contrast enhanced Computed tomography (CT) can show the abnormal anatomy clearly. Anomalies like midgut malrotation can present as an operative dilemma and awareness regarding these conditions can help surgeons deal with these conditions.


Midgut malrotation, Acute intestinal obstruction, Cecal volvulus, Perforation

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