Colonic stenting as a bridge to surgery in malignant colonic obstruction

Ortiz de Elguea-Lizarraga J. I., Alberto Riojas-Garza, Alberto Chapa-Lobo, Mario Rodarte-Shade, Hugo Rangel-Rios, Luis Enrique Salgado-Cruz


Upto 80% of patients with colorectal cancer that show up to the emergency room have an obstructive pathology. The use of colonic stenting as a bridge to surgery may resolve the occlusive disorder, allowing the surgeon to do a laparoscopic procedure and safer anastomosis avoiding therefore any stomas. A 65 years old male presented with obstructing sigmoid cancer. A colonic stent was placed, resolved his obstruction and five days later he had an oncological laparoscopic procedure followed by an uneventful recovery. Colonic stenting as a bridge to surgery compared to emergent surgery in obstructing colon cancer decreases definitive stomas, length of hospital stays, anastomotic leakage, early adverse events, and increases primary anastomotic rate. There is no difference in short-term mortality. Use of colonic stent as a bridge to surgery did not showed difference in terms of overall survival, disease free survival, and recurrence.


Colonic stent, Colorectal cancer obstruction, Stenting as a bridge to surgery

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