Urachal cyst in adulthood: case report with detailed laparoscopic management and review of literature


  • Abhiyutthan Singh Jadaon Abhiyutthanum Hospital, Kota, Rajasthan, India




Urachal cyst, Laparoscopic management, Transabdominal-preperitoneal approach


An urachal cyst anomaly occurs in approximately 1/5,000 births. Its treatment is surgical excision. We present a case report of 16-year-old female with presenting complaints of lower abdominal pain with burning micturition and increased urinary frequency. Computed tomography revealed a 40×38 mm low-density cyst image located in midline cranial to the bladder apex, suggesting the diagnosis of urachal cyst. Traditional open surgery was used for its excision, but now minimally invasive approaches have been used more frequently to minimize the morbidity. We did a trans-abdominal preperitoneal approach, which aided in both the purpose of diagnostic laparoscopy and also utilize the advantage of preperitoneal surgery.


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