Superior mesenteric artery syndrome masquerading as chronic gastric volvulus in a child with severe acute malnutrition: a case report

M. Mokarram Ali, Amit Kumar, Rashi ., Amit K. Sinha, Bindey Kumar


Superior mesenteric artery (SMA) syndrome is a rare cause of high intestinal obstruction. It is commonly seen in severely malnourished patients presenting with repeated episodes of vomiting. We report a case of SMA syndrome in a 3 years old male child provisionally diagnosed as chronic gastric volvulus with severe acute malnutrition. The diagnosis of SMA syndrome was confirmed on abdominal exploration. SMA syndrome is a rare case of intestinal obstruction in paediatric age group. Chronic malnutrition is one of the common causes of this entity. There should be a high index of suspicion for this syndrome when we encounter a child with severe malnutrition and recurrent vomiting.


Malnutrition, Paediatric, Recurrent vomiting, Superior mesenteric artery syndrome

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