Cystic lymphangioma of abdominal wall in an adult: a rare site

Krishnanand Anand, Vishal Bansal, Palak Paliwal


Cystic lymphangiomas are rare, congenital, benign lesions occurring early in life, mainly in the head, neck, and oral cavity, rarely occur in abdominal wall and its discovery in adult is also very rare. It is due to aberrant proliferation of lymphatic vessels resulting from abnormal development of the lymphatic system. These are soft, variable in size and shape and tend to grow extensively if not surgically excised. These are multilocular cysts filled with clear or yellow lymph fluid, sometime mixed with blood. The present case report describes a case of cystic lymphangioma of right lower abdominal wall in a 36 years old male and its clinical, ultrasonographic, CECT, and histopathological correlation.


Cystic lymphangioma, Abdominal wall, Lymphatic system, Very rare

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