Published: 2020-04-23

Comparative study of preservation versus elective division of ilioinguinal nerve on chronic groin pain after lichtenstein tension free inguinal hernia repair

Renuka Chaudhary, M. Salim, M. Rafik Rao


Background: Post-hernioplasty chronic groin pain is one of the most important complications encountered after inguinal hernia repair. Routine ilioinguinal nerve excision has been proposed to avoid chronic post-hernioplasty neuralgia. The study aimed to evaluate the effect of routine ilioinguinal nerve excision compared to nerve preservation on chronic groin pain and other sensory symptoms in lichtenstein inguinal hernia repair.

Methods: The study was conducted in the department of general surgery, at S.P. Medical College and PBM Hospital, Bikaner for duration of 15 months from august 2018 to November 2019. A total of 60 patients of uncomplicated inguinal hernia, who met the inclusion criteria, planned for lichtenstein hernioplasty were randomly divided into 2 groups with 30 cases with ilioinguinal nerve preservation (group A) and 30 cases with elective division of the nerve (group B). Follow up was done upto1 year and patients were inquired regarding pain, hypoesthesia and numbness and data was compared and analysed.

Results: The incidence of post-operative neuralgia was 23.33% vs 6.67% (p=0.05) at 1 year in group A and group B respectively. The difference in pain was significant in both groups. The incidence of post-operative hypoesthesia was 10% vs 16.67% (p>0.05) at 1 year follow up in group A and group B respectively. The incidence of numbness was 11.11% vs 16.67% (p>0.05) at 1 year in group A and group B respectively. No statistically significant difference was found in both groups.

Conclusions: The prophylactic exicision of ilioinguinal nerve during lichtenstein mesh repair decreases the incidence of chronic groin pain after surgery.


Chronic groin pain, Inguinal hernia, Ilioinguinal nerve, Lichtenstein repair

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