A rare case of spontaneous nephrocutaneous fistula

Atish N. Bansod, Girish N. Mirajkar, Rohan Umalkar, Sarvagya Mishra, Ankur Kumar, Premalatha Nadar


Acute and chronic pyelonephritis are known afflictions to the kidney in diabetics and in patients of abnormal urinary anatomy. And its presentation as a spontaneous sinus opening on the anterior abdominal wall is a rare phenomenon. We present one such rare case of a 71-year-old male with pus discharge from the anterior abdominal wall for 7 months. On investigating, it was found to be a nephrocutaneous fistula arising from the left non-functional kidney. This was dealt with left nephrectomy along with excision of the sinus tract. Though a very rare condition, a possibility of nephrocutaneous fistula must be kept when dealing with discharging sinus in lumbar region.



Chronic pyelonephritis, Nephrocutaneous fistula, Nephrolithiasis, Nephrectomy

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