Published: 2020-02-26

Lymphocytic colitis presenting as intestinal obstruction: a rare case report

Deepak G. Udapudi, Keerthen Mahendran, Seeramreddi Sandeep


Lymphocytic colitis is a rare syndrome of watery diarrhoea, normal colonoscopy findings and mucosal inflammation. The patient does not present with bloody diarrhoea as there is no mucosal ulceration. A 30-year-old male presented with complaints of pain abdomen for 6 months. Ultrasound showed oedematous ileo-cecal junction with ileocolic lymphadenopathy which was managed with antibiotics. He presented again with symptoms of intestinal obstruction in the following month. On laparotomy, there was ileo-cecal thickening for which right hemicolectomy was done. The biopsy report came as lymphocytic colitis. This is a very rare presentation for a case of lymphocytic colitis.


Microscopic colitis, Lymphocytic colitis, Intestinal obstruction, Hemicolectomy

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