Parotid sialolithiasis with Stenson’s duct stricture: a rare case report

Mohammed Raza, Mohit Gupta


Sialolithiasis is the most common disease that affects the major salivary glands and occurs mainly in the submandibular gland (80-90%), and to a lesser degree in the parotid gland (5-20%). In literature many papers have been published regarding the parotid calculi and their treatment. However, data on salivary duct strictures management is less with variable opinion. We present a case of 45-year-old female with swelling of right parotid for 6 months, USG showed duct calculi with sialadenitis and sialogram showed large duct calculi with high grade strictures. Duct calculi was removed by intra-oral approach and parotidectomy was done as endoscopic management of strictures failed. This was highlighted case as parotid duct calculi along with high grade strictures are rare.


Parotid sialolithiasis, Stenson's duct stricture, Parotid gland

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