Published: 2020-02-26

Congenital penile epidermal cyst: a rare location

Abishai Jebaraj, Santosh Patil, Vinay S. Kundargi, Basavesh S. Patil


A 22 years old male presented with a mass over the penis since birth, which was painless and gradually increasing in size. The mass was excised and it was found to be penile epidermal cyst. Epidermal cyst is one of the most common benign tumors occurring in the body, which commonly occurs either congenitally or following trauma or surgery, where the epidermal elements get trapped within closed space. But here this case had no trauma and surgeries in the past and the mass present since birth-a case of congenital penile epidermal cyst.


Penile cyst, Epidermal cyst, Congenital, Rare presentation

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