Published: 2020-03-26

Primary ileal volvulus: a rare cause of small intestinal obstruction

Syed Faizan, Amit Kumar C. Jain, Durganna Thimmappa


A 50-year-old lady presented to us in the emergency department with history of acute abdominal pain and vomiting since the past 24 hours. Abdominal examination showed tenderness and guarding in the hypogastrium, lumbar and right iliac fossa region. Initial diagnosis of ruptured appendicitis was considered but exploratory laparotomy gave us an intra-operative surprise. Small bowel volvulus is extremely rare in clinical practice and their symptoms are usually nonspecific. The diagnosis is typically confirmed at surgery most of the time just like in this case. No etiology of this volvulus was found in this patient. Ileal volvulus carries a significant risk of mortality. Awareness of this condition among surgeons will help to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with this unusual form of intestinal obstruction.


Ileum, Volvulus, Laparotomy, Stoma

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