Angiomyofibroblastoma of scalp: a rare soft tissue tumour at an unusual site




Angiomyofibroblastoma, Angiomyofibrosarcoma, Vulva, Scalp


Angimyofibroblastoma is a very rare, benign mesenchymal soft tissue tumour which involves the vulvovaginal area of females of reproductive age group. These tumours are usually slow growing and painless which has a very low tendency for local recurrence. In women it is common in female genital tract, vulva, and posterior perivesical space. In men it occurs in spermatic cord. Here a report of 47 year old male patient from VMKV Medical College and Hospital, Salem was presented with a swelling in the posterior aspect of scalp from 6 months with no any associated symptoms. A preoperative diagnosis of dermoid scalp was made and patient was subjected for excision.

Author Biography

Sajid Hussain, Department of General Surgery, V.M.K.V. Medical College and Hospital Salem, Tamil Nadu

Senior Resident

Department Of General Surgery



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