Published: 2020-03-26

Hydatid cyst of broad ligament: a rare case report

Ajay Gujar, Jayant Pednekar, Nida Khan, Anurag Tiwary, Rohith Pillai, Karna Chheda, Pragati Singhal


Hydatid cyst is a parasitic disease caused by tapeworm Echinococcus. It affects the liver and lung most commonly, but may rarely affect fallopian tube, broad ligament and other structures. One such peculiar case is where a 17 years old female presented with a rapidly growing cystic mass in lower abdomen, clinically suspicious of ovarian mass or mesentric cyst. Investigations failed to identify the nature. On laparotomy, excision of the mass was done. Suprisingly histopathological examination identified the lesion as hydatid cyst arising from the broad ligament. Patient responded well to surgical excision followed by albendazole administration. Female genital tract hydatidosis is a rare entity and in most cases the involvement is secondary. Primary hydatid disease of female genital tract is even very rarer and generates considerable diagnostic difficulty.


Hydatid Cyst, Echinococcus, Albendazole, Genitourinary Hydatidosis

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