Our management in vascular Behçet patients with ascending aorta aneurysm: 6 years’ experience

Emin C. Ata, Metin O. Beyaz


Background: Ascending aortic involvement in Behçet’s disease is very rare, and often accompanied by aortic root dilatation. In cases with aortic valve insufficiency without valve structure impairment, valve-sparing surgery can be performed. This study aimed to investigate the mid-term results of patients with ascending aortic involvement and selected surgical procedures according to the valve structure among those vascular Behçets disease.

Methods: A total of 13 Behçet’s disease with aortic involvement operated at our center from January 2012 to 2018 was retrospectively investigated. Bentall or david valve-sparing operations were preferred according to the aortic valve status. Postoperative echocardiography and computed tomography imaging was performed periodically for aortic valve competence and pseudoaneurysm formation.

Results: Bentall procedure was performed in 7 (54%) patients, and 6 (46%) patients were undergone valve-sparing David procedure. Operative mortality was 7.7%, one patient died of major gastrointestinal bleeding 3 months after the operation. After 51±23 (ranged 23 to 94) months of follow-up, no other mortality occurred, overall survival rates were 84.6%, two patients had minimally aortic regurgitation and one patient had mild regurgitation in David procedure. In Bentall procedure, no paravalvular leakage was found during follow-up.

Conclusions: The database of our retrospective study regarding age and sex incidence, clinicopathological features and therapeutic outcome was comparable to other studies in various literatures.


Aortic aneurism, Behçet’s disease, Bentall operation, David procedure

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