Mucormycosis presenting as gastric perforation peritonitis in a malnourished young adult: a rare case report

Dheer Singh Kalwaniya, Vignesh Mani, Ravi Shekhar Pradhan, Jaspreet Singh Bajwa, Monish Raj


Mucormycosis is a rare infection which is largely diagnosed in immune-compromised patients. The infection can cause pulmonary, rhinocerebral, skin and soft tissue, central nervous system, gastrointestinal and disseminated disease, with gastrointestinal involvement being the rarest presentation. Outcome and mortality of zygomycosis varies with the underlying condition and site of infection, it is however very high in general. Diagnosis is usually delayed and delay in initiation of amphotericin B treatment leads to poor outcome. We report rare case of a malnourished young adult who presented with gastric perforation peritonitis due to mucormycosis infection.


Gastric perforation, Gastrointestinal, Mucormycosis

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