Published: 2020-02-26

A rare case report of oesophagocoloplasty with distal colo-jejunal anastomosis in the management of post corrosive strictures of the oesophagus

Manmohan M. Kamat, Shravani M. Shetye, Neeraj Pratap Singh, Kartik Nattey, Seema Barman


Ingestion of corrosive substances and chronic sequelae associated with it is the major public health problem in the developing countries. The most severe forms of injury can lead to mortality; however, the major concern with this type of injury in life-long morbidity. Colonic conduit for bypassing diseased oesophagus with distal anastomosis with stomach is well documented and practiced procedure. Authors have encountered a case of 21-year-old lady with corrosive injuries to oesophagus and stomach, later developed non dilatable oesophageal stricture with completely cicatrised and adherent stomach. Due to unavailability of stomach, authors have used colon as a conduit and colo-jejunal anastomosis bypassing the oesophagus, stomach and duodenum. Colo-jejunal anastomosis for chronic corrosive oesophageal stricture is not commonly practiced procedure which makes this case a rare one.


Colo-jejunal anastomosis, Colonic conduit for corrosive poisoning, Oesophagocoloplasty, Post corrosive oesophageal stricture

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