Published: 2020-01-27

Role of total calcium and corrected calcium in comparisons with computed tomography to predict severity of acute pancreatitis

Anjali Thakur, Gitanjali Goyal, Simmi Aggarwal, Sarabjeet Singh


Background: The objective of the study was to evaluate corrected calcium levels in patient of acute pancreatitis and to evaluate role of corrected calcium as predictor of severity in acute pancreatitis in comparison to computed tomography (CT) scan.

Methods: The study was conducted in Department of Biochemistry of G.G.S Medical College in collaboration with the Department of Surgery and Department of Radio diagnosis. 50 patients, with clinical diagnosis of acute pancreatitis, attending the Inpatient Department of Department of Surgery, were taken. 50 patients, of either sex of 18 to 70 age groups suffering from acute pancreatitis were enrolled for the study.

Results: On exploring the data, highly significant negative correlation found between CT severity index (CTSI) and serum calcium (p≤0.001; r value=-0.520) whereas the non-significant correlation found between CTSI and amylase (p=0.778; r value=-0.041). The corrected calcium and CTSI shows highly negative significant correlation (p≤0.001; r value=-0.654). Serum albumin with CTSI also shows significant correlation (p=0.006; r value=0.385). But no significant association with lipase (p≥0.05).

Conclusions: We observed that corrected calcium and calcium is better and alternative marker for predicating the severity of disease because corrected calcium and calcium is having good positive predictive value to indicate progression of damage and also a highly significant negative predictive value to rule out severity of acute pancreatitis.



Acute pancreatitis, Albumin corrected calcium, Computed tomography severity index, Sensitivity, Specificity

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