Neovagina creation using sigmoid colon in vaginal agenesis: a case report and review of literature

Manisha Albal, Prasad Y. Bansod, Mahendra Chauhan


Mullerian duct anomalies are rare and can present with abnormalities in upper vagina, cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes. The exact incidence of cervicovaginal agenesis is unknown and there are very few cases recorded in the literature. Authors report a 12-year-old girl referred from gynaecologist with chronic cyclical abdominal pain with underdeveloped, geniatilia and developed secondary sexual characters. Radiological investigations showed hypoplastic cervix with hematometra and left hemato salpinx. A definitive repair with creation of a neovagina using a sigmoid colon segment was performed in a single stage. Many techniques are described for reconstruction of cervicovaginal canal. Use of colon in creation of a neovagina is described by authors. Here we report a case of complete vaginal agenesis presenting with Hematometra-Hematosalpinx where a neovagina was created using a segment of sigmoid colon. Single staged surgery for neovagina creation using segment of sigmoid colon offers a promising and safe alternative for cervicovaginal agenesis.



Cervicovaginal agenesis, Mullerian duct anomalies, Neovagina, Vaginal agenesis

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