A study on surgical complications of peptic ulcer disease: a prospective study at a tertiary care center

Anitha Kotha, V. Aswath Kumar, Gopinath Kagalipura V.


Background: Peptic ulcer was defined as a disruption of the mucosal integrity of the abdominal esophagus, stomach, duodenum leading to local defect or excavation due to active inflammation. Hospitalizations for peptic ulcer disease (PUD) have decreased since the advent of specific medical therapy & low tachyphylaxis associated with those drugs. This study aims to evaluate the surgical complications of peptic ulcer disease and tested the hypothesis that despite the decrease in hospitalization for PUD, the incidence of elective surgery for PUD during the recent three decades tends to decrease and in contrast, the frequency of emergency surgical interventions for complications of the PUD has remained consistent.

Methods: A total of 60 patients operated for complications of PUD, admitted to PES Institute of Medical Sciences, Kuppam, from January 2018 to September 2019. All data that may be potential predictors concerning complications of PUD were prospectively analyzed.

Results: In the present study, the most common complication was perforated peptic ulcer (78.3%) followed by Gastric outlet obstruction (15%) and rest bleeding peptic ulcer.

Conclusions: Despite the efficacy of modern medical therapy, decreasing the overall PUD hospitalizations, the volume of procedures to treat complications of PUD has not declined.


Peptic ulcer disease, Complications of peptic ulcer disease, Peptic ulcer perforation, Simple closure, Omentoplasty

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